To expose the potential in others and empower them to take their position in their home, school, community and society.

SPRRC was designed to assist others in discovering their essence, and provide opportunities to utilize their gifts/talents/abilities resulting in the ability to CHOOSE a healthy and productive way of living.

SPRRC: "S"tored "P"otential "R"eleased & "R"evealed in the "C"ommunity

SPRRC provides educational opportunities, healthy lifestyle initiatives, mentorship and activities to youth and families that will “spark” or ignite something in them that allows them to see past their current circumstances in order to reach for higher ground. We believe that assisting the “Complete Person" is key! That complete person is made up of The Body, The Mind, and The Spirit. Eating healthy and exercise, mental wellness, educational proficiencies and discovering natural talents/skills/abilities are crucial elements needed to thrive and move beyond the here and now.


SPRRC also functions to help those we encounter to discover who they are and the value that they have in them. We believe that every person on this earth has GREATNESS within them and carry everything that they need to be successful inside of them. Problem is…many don’t realize it.  Having undiscovered value is what causes some to look outside of themselves to find what they already hold…our goal is to reveal their inner worth.


SPRRC takes a holistic approach to reaching out to the community. We are also strength based, meaning that we don’t focus on the “problems”, we build on strengths and discover solutions.

We truly believe that “Just One Spark…Ignited with The Right Element” make all the difference!


We provide the Element and you hold the SPARK!


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