I proudly and humbly present to you my 1st book entitled "MORE ABUNDANTLY"

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More Abundantly (book)

Life can drain us, leaving us to wither away. This may not be in the form of physical death, but an expiration of dreams, goals, and visions. Of Hope.There comes a point when we must ask ourselves if this is all life has for us; are we living out and in our Divine Destinies? Troubles can come so rapidly that we begin to think we will never achieve any goals that we have established. It often looks like we are stuck in the Cycle of Lack and Not Enough. This is the moment we must seize our inheritance by stepping into the greatness that God has called us to. Today is the day we cease from all defeated Mindsets and Manifestations.


There IS LIFE and you can have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.

CARMEN S JOHNSON is a Person of Passion.She knows what it is like to be broken and to feel stuck in unproductive cycles of life; she also understands that there is a way out.Her motivation is simple; she wants people to learn how to lose and how to gain. She says, "I want people to gain a positive view of themselves and realize the worth and value that they have. As they do that, they will lose their sense of hopelessness."She a mother of three girls and native of Waterloo, Iowa


We have the power to move from living a fragmented life,

 to living a full life, by refocusing of our faith.

We have the power to go from victim to victorious

with the repositioning of our minds.

Whatever has been done can be undone by a shift in our awareness.


The Law of Attraction is a concept that has been around for years but it is often mistaken for some sort of sacrilegious theory and dismissed by those of the Christian faith. This law is NOT totally contrary to the Word of God. It is spot on in its approach to drawing desirable things into our lives. This book ties the Law of Attraction and the Bible together and gives clear evidence of their relationship. In these pages, you will discover the principles you need to manifest your very best.

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