I need help with my Child

The purpose of our 

“Let's Straighten It Out” Sessions

is to assist the families we work with in regaining stability after Crisis has occurred OR to help the family put appropriate resources in place to avoid Crisis.


During our session, The family will get a chance to tell their story and create their OWN PLAN of ACTION with the Facilitator as a guide. The FAMILY is In CHARGE of their Future, we just provide the tools and Community Resources needed to be successful.


After the session, we will continue to follow up with the family for 30 days (if needed) in order to ensure that the family is on track with implementing their Plan.


BEFORE Child Protection Services or Law Enforcement becomes involved, let us HELP!


We will make SURE the family has SUPPORT as they rebuild.


It's a MindSet!!! Ignite the Mind & The Flesh Will Follow!

Below are some of the methods I use in addressing The Crisis

as well as More Info about My Mission.

5 W's (& H) of Life
Services We Offer
SPRRC (pronounced Spark)
The Crisis Cycle
SWOT Analysis

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